Preparing for the Event of a Lifetime

February 23, 2017

The minimum training time for an already-experienced runner is 4 months. This includes training every day, with three running sessions per week and an additional three cross-training days each week. Between one and four hours each day will be dedicated to preparing for this challenging event. Most people usually need about 6-12 months of this kind of training.


Now consider this...


The average first time labor lasts a whopping 14-16 hours, though 12-24 is the range. Like a marathon, it also starts at a reasonable pace, with lower-intensity contractions lasting a couple of minutes, and rest times lasting minutes longer, though it can vary. The first portion is called early labor. Then labor turns “active” and can last up to 8 hours. Contractions get stronger, last longer and occur with more frequency. Then comes the “transition”. This phase can last 30 minutes to two hours and is seen as hitting the wall, similar to running a race. Mom can then finally push when she is 10 cm dilated and can last between 1-3 hours. If everything goes well, a baby is then born. However, moms are not making it through the natural birth process anymore. A variety of factors are combining to create escalating rates of maternal exhaustion, labor drugs, C-sections and chronic illness of prenatal mother and postnatal infant. Within the modern world of birthing, there is a basic disregard for the foundational necessity of daily exercise, breathing, nutrition and mindfulness.


The modern woman’s average training time for their 12-24 hour labor stands right next to nothing. Many will buy a book, take a class or two and may try prenatal yoga. Most of the programs will not however provide mental, emotional or physical preparation for birth.


So then why do women dedicate between 150-300 training hours for a marathon, but for her labor that will last at least three times longer, the average woman will dedicate only 20-30 hours of preparation?


Lets train for the biggest, most important event of our life just like we train for a race.




Text from: Get Fit For Birth



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